Clothing and jewelry that make you look and feel good.

It’s cool to care about Mother Earth. Organic, ethically made clothing and jewelry have never been more widely available in such a variety of styles that are more hip than hippie.

Jumbo Tote by Ecoist is made from recycled candy wrappers by women’s cooperatives in Mexico. It’s light, durable and eye-catching. Ecoist plants a tree for every item sold. Available from Equita, an online store bursting with funky, creative wares that prove social responsibility and style can coexist. $118.

18K White Gold Tear Drop Earrings from Brilliant Earth are made from conflict-free diamonds, meaning workers were not exploited or endangered in the mining process. The company gets many of its diamonds from Canada, where the country’s strict environmental laws ensure ethical standards. $1,850.

Planetary Gemstone Pendant from Gaiam combines nine gemstones including pearl, carnelian and red garnet, each representing a planet in Eastern astrology. $60. Gaiam offers a range of products from workout wear to yoga mats to solar panels to pilates DVDs. The company promotes positive, healthy lifestyle choices.

Bahai Earrings from Moonrise Jewelry are made from Brazilian Citrine mined by hand to lessen impact on the natural environment. $68. Fair trade gemstones from the Premier Eco-Jewelry Collection are processed in factories with safe working conditions and fair labor practices.

Sweetheart Skirt by CottonfieldUSA is flared for a flattering fit that pairs well with a t-shirt or tank top. Made in the USA from 92 percent organic cotton and 8 percent Lycra for comfort that wears well over time. $42. This small company offers simple designs in Earth-friendly fabrics such as hemp, bamboo and alpaca.